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Certain areas of provide you with opportunities to comment on stories that we publish. Other areas of while other areas of seek submissions of content from you. Your comments and contributions are an important aspect of social discourse and we encourage you to participate in theses aspects of our site.

Of course, all discourse and contributions should be civil and respectful, and with that in mind, we have developed rules that apply to all comments and contributions to our site by our users, which are below. Certain areas of have specific guidelines that also apply to comments and/or contributions. In those cases, those guidelines supplement and modify these rules. In the event of any conflict between those guidelines and these rules, these rules take precedence. When you comment on material published on or contribute content of any kind, including comments, articles, photos, videos or audio recordings, you agree to follow the rules below:

1. Submissions. You agree to be responsible for the comments and content you submit and to only submit your original work, and the work of third parties that you have the right to use. To the extent that the publication of any submission requires permission from a third party, such as a photographer who created a photo, individuals who appear in a photo, the parents of a minor in any photo or video, the owner of a trademark, or the author of material contained in any submission, you represent that you have obtained that consent. If you submit any material that is the work of a third party, you represent and warrant that you have the right to use that work, and you agree to submit it with proper accreditation to the author and/or rights owner.

2. Appropriate Content. All submissions must be appropriate and truthful, and must not infringe upon any intellectual property or privacy rights, or violate any other applicable law. Any submission that is libelous, constitutes slander or profanity, an invasion of privacy, or that violates any other law is not appropriate.

3. Grant of Publication Rights. In submitting comments and content to us, you grant to us the right to use such comments and material in all of our print and Digital Products, including but not limited to Closet Barcode You also grant Closet Barcode the right to provide third parties with the right to publish that content and those comments, as such submissions first appeared on or any other site that preceded it as the official web site of Closet Barcode alone and/or in combination in archives, and content collections, through any means or media whether now in existence of created hereinafter, including in print, online, in microfilm, CD-roms, in any other format, and through means and media whether in existence now or developed in the future, without obtaining any further permission from you. You agree that the opportunity to have your comments and/or content published by or through our Products is adequate compensation for the grant of those rights and for all other consideration that you agree to provide under these rules and/or any other of our commenting guidelines.

4. Right to Remove Submissions and to Withdraw Commenting and/or Contribution Privileges. We have the right to remove comments and content submissions, in our sole and absolute discretion without providing you with notice. Similarly, if you submit a comment or any content that violates these rules, or any other terms, policies or guidelines published by Closet Barcode, including but not limited to specific guidelines that apply to the applicable submission, our Terms of Use, Digital Terms of Purchase, and/or Privacy Policy, we have the right to prevent the publication of further comments and/or content by you, in our sole and absolute discretion. This right applies to all users of, our other Digital Products.

5. Age Requirement. If you are under the age of 18, you may not submit comments or content to You may not use our Digital Products if you are under the age of 13.

6. Acknowledgement. You acknowledge that Closet Barcode is not responsible for any user comments or submissions. As such, we cannot vouch for the truthfulness or legality of such submissions, and disclaims responsibility for them.

7. Responsibility for Content. By submitting comments or submissions, you agree to be responsible for it. Accordingly, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Closet Barcode, together with its affiliates from and against any and all claims brought against any or all of them by any third party as a result of any submission of any content or comment submitted by you.

8. Other Terms. You acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and if applicable, Digital Terms of Purchase, Print Terms of Purchase and Commenting Guidelines and agree to be bound by them.