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About Us

Closet Barcode is about introducing you to small labels and designers that are hard to find. Our clothing and handbag collections can't be found in a mall or department store. When you own a piece from Closet Barcode you are showing your support for small labels and small designers. We believe that fashion is about your style and not about labels.

How We Are Different

So why shop on our website? We grew tired of big name websites that filled their pages with a lot of clutter and distractions. From ads, annoying widgets, constantly being asked for your email, etc.; we as shoppers grew tired of all that noise. Not to mention when they have a sale there is so much fine print that when you find something you like you learn that it is excluded from the discount.

We want to offer you a shopping experience that is just about you and the product. On our site we promise:

  • No ads from third parties. Why shop on a clothing site that has advertisements for cars?
  • Sale items that are really on sale! There is no fine print. They are eligible for free shipping and may be returned for a full refund if you are not happy with the product. 
  • No need to create an account in order to buy from us. When you make a purchase you'll just enter your email, shipping address, and payment method.
  • An elegant website that highlights the products we have to offer