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Trending Technology: 4 Apps That Make Managing Your Closet Easier!

We’ve all been there: staring blankly into our closets, completely clueless as to what to wear. Some of us give up quicker than most, throwing on something we’ve worn a million times and hoping no one takes notice of our, “outfit-repeater” tendencies. The rest of us will try on outfit after outfit and frantically dig up everything we own, occasionally coming across a piece that still has the tag on it, only to wind up back at square one.

Well, it’s finally time to leave all that drama behind! Take your closet game to the next level with these apps that help you organize your wardrobe and stay styling without the stress!


Stylebook App

This app offers over ninety different features that all help you build and curate your wardrobe without breaking a sweat, making it well-worth the $3.99 it costs to download! Catalogue each of your clothing items, shoes and accessories, create a history log to keep track of when you last wore something, prepare packing lists when you’re getting ready for a trip, compare new purchases to what you already have in your closet, and so much more!



Free of charge, this app has a special "Theme," feature that allows you to customize the appearance of your account to match your unique taste. You’ll also be able to create different closets, which is perfect for frequent travelers with clothing in multiple locations or those who prefer to separate their wardrobe by season. With a long list of other features that make staying fashionable and chic that much easier, this app will become your new closet companion!


Stylish Girl

If you’re really torn on what to wear, share your outfit ideas with friends using the Stylish Girl app. Scroll through a full display of your closet and create outfits for any occasion. You can even add accessories to complete the look! Other perks include an e-commerce feature, where you can shop online and compare items to what’s already in your closet, and a “Fashion Lounge,” feature, where you can browse celebrity news to get style inspiration!



In addition to cataloging your clothes, shoes and accessories, the Pureple app makes it possible to organize your makeup and store your favorite hairstyles. Adding the finishing touches to a look has never been easier! This app will also learn your personal style and suggest outfits that you otherwise might have never thought of making, so you can kiss those outfit-repeater days goodbye!


Whether you decide to create a virtual closet with one of these apps or just stick to your real-life wardrobe, make sure it’s always filled with the trendiest pieces! Shop our full collection of fashionable clothing and unique handbags to add tons of flair to your closet without breaking your budget!

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