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On Trend Ways To Style Denim

On-Trend Ways to Style Denim

It’s safe to say that denim is fashion’s most enduring and uniquely American fabric…And denim in all its forms can be a great equalizer.  Jeans aren’t just for hip urban millennials, workers in fields and factories, middle-aged parents, professors, tech entrepreneurs, chefs, little kids on the jungle gym…They’re for everyone. But if we’re all wearing jeans (literally all of us), and we’ve been wearing them for a century-- and we’ll be wearing them while we build colonies on Mars-- then how can you make your own denim look stand out? Here are a few denim styling ideas that are perfect for the current moment right here on Earth.

The Straight Leg Roll

Roll of fold your cuffs up to just below mid-calf. Keep the roll loose and easy; this works best with straight leg styles that aren’t too tight. You can also give a few easy rolls to skinny jeans or jeggings if you like—Experiment with your look! But a slightly baggy, non-form fitting, relaxed roll with a little distress at the knees is an on-point look that pairs perfectly with a loose, textured spring cardigan, a messy bun, and casual shades.

Distressed Jeans and Denim Daze Open Shoulder Top

Even better is pairing this style jean with our Denim Daze Open Shoulder Top. Combining different shades of denim is the perfect way to wear an all denim look. 

 Dress Down your Dress

Summer dresses, spring dresses, beach dresses, office dresses, sleeved, sleeveless or spaghetti strap: every look softens with the addition of a denim shirt or cropped denim jacket. This is the easy, versatile look of the moment for spring. Throw a denim cover over a cotton dress to warm up a cold workplace, tone down a formal frock, or get ready for a day of adventure. Complete the look by stepping out of those office pumps and replacing them with slip-ons or beachy sandals.

Raise the Waist

Go high waisted and bring your belt line up toward the sky. Low slung hip huggers are still in (they always will be), but the height of the moment almost meets the lowest part of the ribcage, and the look stands out best with a statement button-down shirt. Find an over-the-top silk blouse or classic oxford shirt and tuck it in on one side. Let the other side hang loose. For the perfect look use our Blue Button Down Tunic

Messy Cuffs and Killer Heels

Slightly ragged cuffs or messy rolls that fall just at or above the ankle are very much in style right now. Bring the look to life with a pair of conversation-starting shoes, like daring pumps, sling-backs or stilettos. For an especially edgy look, let each cuff fall at a slightly different height.

Distressed is Best

Distressed jeans have never fully left the stage, but right now they’re having a spotlight moment. Try a few rips and flaws in unconventional places, not just the knee. Odd tears and a little grunge are a great way to make a stylish urban statement, so if you’ve been wearing your favorite jeans in the garden, don’t bother washing them right away. This summer, leave those muddy smears alone and let your jeans be jeans! 

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