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Incorporating Statement Jewelry Into Your Outfits

Incorporating Statement Jewelry Into Your Outfits

Statement jewelry: those bold, chunky pieces that look like unique one-of-a-kind works of art. Bright colors, elemental textures, stone and distressed metal, and necklaces that look like wearable mobiles... You LOVE them and you admire the confident types who can pull off this look. But how do they do it? How can you casually toss on a seashell necklace or a geode ring the size of a tea saucer and look like Helen Mirren at the Oscars instead of a little girl playing dress-up? Start by having a little faith in the objects and colors that bring you joy! Keep these tips in mind.

Don’t hide your piece, just let it speak.

If you’re going to wear mirrored chandeliers on your earlobes or a large silver pendant that outshines every shiny object in the room, just do it. Don’t try to tone it down or match the shape and style to other aspects of your outfit. Just let it stand alone. In fact, some statement pieces look even more natural and stunning when the rest of the outfit seems to disappear behind them. Try pairing a Sotheby’s-worthy necklace with a simple black dress or a sheath-cardigan combo in neutral tones and natural fabrics. For a dress-down occasion or an ordinary Saturday, wear a simple white t-shirt and jeans to let your statement jewelry shine. For a more daring take on the dress-down occasion use our Fringe Benefits White Tee with your statement jewelry. 

Wear it without looking at it.

This is a tricky move that gives dignity and cool sophistication to playful pieces: If you’re wearing a big chunky ring, don’t study it and fiddle with it. Just let it be. Speak with your hands, wave to someone you know across the room, and generally gesticulate as if you aren’t sporting an iceberg-sized object stolen from a Rauschenberg exhibit on your delicate paw. Stylish older women do this perfectly; it’s because they’ve had plenty of practice. Follow their example.

Choose a subtle polish.

Statement rings don’t benefit from too much clutter and competition. When you’re choosing a polish color, opt for something classic and toned-down, like velvet red, or soft, understated pink. Your hands are like your words: they speak for you. Keep your voice clear and let it command the room.

When you layer, don’t match.

If you’re going to load your wrists and arms with multiple statement bracelets, not just one, don’t be hemmed in by a matchy-matchy sensibility. Don’t try to pair like with like, just put on what makes you happy. Follow your instincts and be guided by the mood of the moment. It won’t steer you wrong!

Tell your story.

Statement pieces tend to inspire conversation and questions, so accept these comments with grace and ease. If you’re asked about your great grandmother’s glorious bangle bracelet or the terrarium full of turtles that you’re wearing on your ring finger, make your statement into a story and let it be part of who you are.

Let out your inner child.

If you’re afraid of looking childish or overwhelmed by your statement jewelry, lean into the feeling! It’s okay for fun jewelry to be fun, or even silly. If you’re uncomfortable with your piece, then by all means, take it off. But as long as you enjoy it and it makes you happy, let your inner child play! Wear your piece boldly and cheerfully—Don’t let it wear you.  

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