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How to Layer Properly for the Cooler Months

Foolproof Fashion: Layering Essentials for Today’s Modern Girl

Layering is the perfect way to prepare for dropping temperatures during the fall and winter months! 

Whether you're layering your clothes to stay warm or to achieve a certain look, you should have a few staple items readily available in your closet. Here are our top layering picks for the cooler months. 

First layer – A Long or Short Sleeve Tee or Button Down Shirt

Your first layer should fit well, be lightweight, and soft. Only the neckline, sleeves, or bottom hem will be visible so you can keep it simple with a solid color or get a little creative and add some edge with stripes or a bold graphic pattern.  

Our Fringe Benefits White fitted tee makes the perfect first layer since it's fitted and lightweight. This versatile tee simply doesn't add bulk. Available for $29.99.


*If it's extremely cold outside, try adding a layer of thermals underneath. 

 Second Layer – A Cardigan, Blazer, Sweater, or a Vest

Since the second layer will show more than the first, you want to make sure that it fits well and has the right proportions. Cardigans, blazers, sweaters, and even some vests can look good if worn properly.  

Our Ivy League Grey Button Down Cardigan pairs perfectly with any solid print, graphic pattern, or lightly-striped first layer. Available for $24.99.


Not in a cardigan or blazer-type of mood? Pairing a loose-fitting sweater with a fitted tee can be the perfect style combination if both pieces balance one another out.

Our Cozy Colorblock Sweater's chunky texture makes layering a cinch with a fitted tee or long sleeve shirt. Available for $39.99.


Outer Layer – A Heavy Ski Coat, Lightweight Jacket, or Poncho

For the outer layer, any type of coat, jacket, vest, or shawl can work, but just make sure it balances out all of the other layers.  

Our Freshwater Teal Open Poncho pairs nicely with fitted first and second layers. This bold piece adds the right amount of color while keeping you warm on those cooler fall nights. Available for $34.99.


*Note - if you have several layers up top, make sure that your bottom piece is tailored and sleek. 

Wearing a dress to the office? Try pairing it with a trench and a thick belt for a more sophisticated look.

How do you like to layer your fall and winter clothes? What staples do you have in your closet? Leave a comment below. 



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