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Bring on the Beer! 4 Seasonal Outfits for Brewery Events

Whether you’re a true beer connoisseur or just looking to try something new with friends, visiting a brewery is a unique experience that everyone is bound to enjoy. For an affordable price, most breweries offer a guided tour of the factory, a first-hand look at the tricks of their trade, a few samples of beer and a complimentary souvenir. Since brewery events are available all year round, we’ve come up with a few outfit ideas to help you sip in style from season to season!



An appropriate outfit for a brewery event is a combination of casual, comfortable, neat and mature. Still, we always encourage having some summer fun with a bright color palette! Our Summer Mosaic Geometric Tank Top has a modest silhouette but features a dynamic, mosaic-style design and vibrant shades of pink, blue, purple and orange.

Get ready to cool down with an ice cold beer by pairing this top with dark-wash jeans or denim shorts. Since most breweries require their guests to wear closed-toe shoes, swap your sandals for stylish slip-on sneakers to complete the look!



Temperatures in the fall can vary from mild and cool to crisp and chilly. If you’re planning an autumn trip to a brewery, stay comfortable in either of these weather conditions by putting together an outfit with lightweight pieces or thin layers. Try our American Autumn Red and Blue Plaid Button Down with black skinny jeans and ankle booties. Casual and totally chic, this style is perfect for a day at the brewery!



Winter’s signature drinks may be hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced lattes, but sometimes it’s fun to shake things up with a nice, cold beer! The warm, cozy and laid-back feel of our Color Dash Sweater makes it ideal for a winter daytrip to a brewery! Finish the look with black skinny jeans and comfortable boots. You can even throw on a quilted vest for a little extra style and warmth!



The classic fashion trends that bloom in the springtime make for perfect brewery attire! Spring’s bright color palettes look neat and mature but also add some fun to any ensemble, and the season’s relaxed silhouettes look effortlessly stylish.

Grab a cold one in our Vivid Wide Stripe Lime Green Knit Top, which features a solid, eye-catching shade of green and a soft, open knit texture. This top looks great with white skinny jeans or comfortable joggers!


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