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Ditch Dry-Cleaning: How to Hand-Wash Your Most Precious Pieces

It’s probably safe to say that doing laundry has become one of everyone’s least favorite chores. Luckily though, washing and drying machines have given us the luxury of being able to toss in our clothes, turn a dial, and move on to much more important things.

However, we all own at least a one article of clothing that requires a little more TLC than any washing machine could offer. Next time you’re doing laundry, avoid pricey dry-cleaners and follow these tips to hand-washing your most precious pieces.



When treated the wrong way, lace can easily tear or fray, which is why it requires a washing process that’s just as delicate as the material itself. Don’t be tricked into resorting to the nearest dry-cleaners, though. Washing lace is a fairly easy process that can be done at home.

For a shirt with intricate lace details, like our Dusty Pink Lace Floral Top, start by choosing a high-quality, gentle detergent. Fill your sink with cold water and mix in an appropriate amount of soap. Gently massage the soapy water onto the fabric and allow the piece to soak for around thirty minutes. After rinsing, gently press the item between two towels to get rid of excess water and lay flat to dry in its natural shape. It is important not to twist, squeeze or wring out lace items, as the fabric can distort or unravel.


Pieces made with sheer fabric that imitates the fine, lightweight texture of chiffon are another example of clothing that shouldn’t carelessly be thrown into the washing machine with your next load. Even a run through the gentle cycle can cause distortion, snagging or color loss.

Tops, like our Semi-Sheer Floral Tropical Tank Top, should be soaked in room-temperature water with a mild detergent. Since the fibers of this material are so fine, massaging the garment is not typically recommended. Instead, slowly swirl the piece around the soapy water to clean it. Rinse the fabric normally, then gently press between to towels and lay flat to finish drying.


Although most knit garments can safely make it through a machine wash, there are some pieces so special to us that we just can’t take the risk. The fear of a stich get snagged on another piece of clothing is enough to justify taking the time out to do a little hand-washing.

To hand-wash a knit top, like our Simply Serene Blue Knit Top, start by turning the garment inside out to prevent yarn pilling during washing. Let the piece soak in a mixture of cold water and detergent for five to ten minutes and lightly massage any stained areas with your hands. After thoroughly rinsing, push the garment against the walls of the sink to remove excess water without wringing or squeezing. To dry, either lay the garment flat on a towel or put it in the dryer on a low-heat, low-spin cycle.

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