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Dressing For Success: Your Interview Wardrobe Checklist

It’s that time of the year again when companies begin their search for summer interns and potential employees. You’ve got the perfect résumé, but now it’s time to look the part. We know the process of interviewing can be nail-bitingly stressful, so here’s one less thing to freak out about. Take a look at what pieces every stylish girl should have in her closet to help her look great, feel confident and nail that next interview!


The Classic Blouse

When dressing for an interview, you can never go wrong with choosing a classic blouse. Whether it’s short or long-sleeved, button-up or collared, a simple blouse is the perfect foundation to any interview outfit. Take advantage of the versatility a neutral-colored blouse can offer by pairing it with a pencil skirt and patent leather heels, a tailored blazer and solid statement necklace, or fitted trousers and printed flats. The combinations are endless, making it an interview wardrobe staple.

But don’t be fooled, because “simple” doesn’t always mean solid or plain. Although it’s important to dress appropriately and professionally for any interview, you also want to stay true to your personal style. To reflect your unique personality and make a lasting first impression, try incorporating fashionable patterns or colors into your outfit. Our Impressionist Flower Monet Boxy Blouse finds the perfect balance between professionally polished and colorfully chic with its structured silhouette, modest fit and tasteful blend of colors.

Impressionist Floral Blouse


Black, Tailored Pants

One must-have article of clothing every young woman needs in her closet is a classic, well-fitted pair of black pants. Regardless of what field you’re interviewing in, this wardrobe essential projects the clean-cut, sophisticated qualities every employer is looking for. If you are pursuing a job in a formal field, it’s easy to dress up a pair of pants with a fitted jacket and slick up-do. In a field where more comfort and creativity is suitable, try pairing your slacks with a fun, printed top and tousled curls.


A Professional Handbag

Although your choice of earrings won’t necessarily make or break you, details do count so your accessories should never be an afterthought. Particularly when choosing a stylish handbag, look for something that marries fashion with functionality. An ideal interview handbag is neutral-colored, making it easy to match with any outfit you throw on, and large enough to fit a portfolio, extra copies of your résumé, and any other materials you might need on the big day. Check out the pop of color on our Royal Flush Purple and Grey Handbag that adds just the right amount of vibrance to your look without overpowering the rest of your ensemble.

Royal Flush Handbag

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