Invited to a Summer Farm Wedding? Here are 5 Outfit Ideas

July 18, 2015

Deciding what to wear to a summer farm wedding can be tough. Weddings are typically associated with classy, formal attire, but with the farm theme, you need to go a little more rustic. Here are five outfit ideas to start you off on the right track:



Simple Navy Blue



A simple navy blue dress with a v-neckline and knee-length cut looks just classy enough for a farm wedding. Where the outfit really comes together is with the accessories -- dragonfly earrings, a casual straw hat, and a necklace of flowers around your neck.



Purple Diva



Purple is a flashy color that conveys fun and excitement. Pair a flirty purple, knee-length dress with some cute cowgirl boots and a pair of beaded earrings. A matching purple ribbon in your hair adds to the look.



Denim Girl



The secret to wearing denim to a farm wedding is not to go overboard. Look for a lacy pale pink or yellow skirt, and pair it with a simple, solid-colored top. Add a denim jacket over the top, and you're stylin. Some flowered flats or sandals are a great touch, too.



Fringed Fox



Any dress with fringe on the bottom takes on an instant country look. Look for one in rust, tan, or cream for a relaxed, neutral look. Add some wooden beaded jewelery and a plain leather purse.



Red and Wild



Red is another one of those colors that just looks in place at a farm. Pair a simple, red sheath dress with your favorite pair of black cowgirl boots, and layer a cardigan on top for a little modesty.



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