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5 Ideas on What to Wear to a Fourth of July Party

The 4th of July is all about picnics, barbecues, backyard parties, and fireworks. Make sure you're as brilliant as the lights in the sky by choosing the right apparel. Here are five ideas for what to wear to a Fourth of July Party.



A Striped Skirt



Pair a high-waisted, blue and white striped skirt with a loose white blouse. Accentuate the look with a matching blue bag and sandals, and you'll look absolutely darling.



Blue and White Dress



Take a hint from Taylor Swift, who was recently seen sporting a gorgeous, wide-striped blue and white sundress. Like Taylor, you can round out the look with red shoes and a red bag. A dress with some ruched material in the front is nice if you're trying to look casual.



Shiny and Stunning



This is a holiday upon which it's okay to stand out a little! Opt for a shiny, shimmering sheath dress that shoes a little leg. Stripes, once again, are a fitting choice. You don't have to go all red, white, and blue, though, since you're playing up the fireworks theme here.



Casual Country



If you prefer a more relaxed, rustic look, layer a simple red dress under a blue plaid blouse. Leave the blouse open, making you look breezy and beautiful. Plain black or brown sandals complete the ensemble.



Lacy Princess



Navy blue and red are so cliche! Set yourself apart with a pale blue dress with plenty of lace. One that comes to the mid-thigh is feminine without being overly showy. Tie a thin belt around your middle for emphasis. Pair your dress with some strappy heels and sunglasses, and you'll look super posh.



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