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5 of the Top Summer Handbag Trends for 2015

Summer is rolling in, and with the changing of the seasons comes some exciting new handbag trends. The right handbag can really make an outfit pop, so make sure you stay on top of these top handbag trends for summer 2015.



The Crossover Bag



A favorite of music festival attendees and city explorers, the crossover bag is more popular than ever this year. It provides a convenient way to store your items -- you don't have to take off the bag or bend over to open it and pop out your lipstick or wallet. The crossover bag takes center stage, since it sits predominantly on top of your outfit. Look for multicolored ones with buckles and other embellishments.



The Bucket Bag



If you like to toss everything in and go, the bucket bag is for you. Its wide-bottomed shape means it holds a lot, and makes things easy to find. Alligator patterns, brass fasteners, and wide straps are popular features on 2015's bucket bags.



Box-Shaped Bags



Shaped like a perfect rectangle, these bags add some edginess to your style. Most fasten with a fold-over flap. Geometric patterns and solids are popular for this particular shape. Most come with long shoulder straps.



Floral Bags



From tote-size bags to small clutches, floral bags are very fashionable for 2015. Look for big floral prints with a sort-of Hawaiian feel. The more colorful, the better.






Another festival-inspired trend, fringed bags are now being seen on the streets, in the mall, and everywhere in between. Look mostly for natural leather and suede fringes in neutral colors.



Shop these and other top handbag trends for summer 2015 at Closet Barcode. Remember, the perfect handbag adds a finishing touch that can make any outfit stunning and memorable.



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