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How to Choose Fabulous Fashion for Spring

Spring is a time when everyone wants to feel refreshed and renewed. What better way to embrace this feeling than with a new spring wardrobe for 2015?

Follow these steps to learn how to dress for spring:

  • Pull those winter sweaters and long-sleeve, bulky shirts out of your closet, and put them in storage. In their place, focus on choosing light blouses, such as those from Closet Barcode. Flowing, looser blouses are in this season, and they'll make you feel light and airy.
  • When choosing your best shirts and blouses, pay careful attention to your color choices. One of the most important elements of learning how to dress for spring is learning to choose the right colors. Pale green, pale violet, and pale yellow are all safe choices. However, brighter options, like deeper yellow and bright cobalt blue, are also great.
  • Add a few light jackets to your collection. These come in handy on days when the temperature doesn't quite measure up to your standards. Look for stylish, button-up jackets and those with linen belts.
  • Shorter skirts are pretty popular this spring, so let that hemline climb up a bit. Above-the-knee skirts are perfect for creating a fun weekend outfit. Look for flouncy, ruffly styles this year.
  • Leave a few of your favorite pairs of jeans in your closet when choosing how to dress for spring. Dark jeans are better in the winter, and lighter ones in the spring. Also, add a few pairs of capris to your closet. They're great for days that are a little chilly since they let you expose your ankles without getting too cold.

We offer all of the spring apparel and handbags you need to create a flowing, whimsical look. Contact Closet Barcode today and start your spring style makeover on the right foot.

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