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What are the Best Ways to Store Seasonal Clothes?

To free up space for the clothes you're actually wearing this season, it's best to find your out-of-season clothes somewhere other than the closet to stay for a while. Here's a look at some of the best ways to store seasonal clothes so they're there when you need them in a few months, but not in the way the rest of the year.



In an Extra Closet



Do you have an unused closet in your spare room or a hallway? Make it your seasonal clothes closet. When the seasons change, you can just switch the clothes out of your spare closet and into your bedroom closet.



In Totes



Bulky items like sweaters, which are not typically hung on hangers, can easily be stored on totes. Make sure you purchase totes with lids that seal tightly, so you don't have to worry about dust sneaking in while your clothes are in storage. You can stash your seasonal clothing totes on the floor of your closet, next to a big item of furniture, or even in your basement if it's dry.



Under the Bed



Did you know there are flat, plastic storage containers made specifically for stashing under the bed? Some are even on rollers, so you can drag them out easily when you need them. Depending on the height of your bed, you may need to put it on risers in order to use the totes underneath.



In a Spare Armoire or Dresser



You can place a spare dresser or armoire filled with seasonal clothes anywhere you wish. It does not have to be in your bedroom. Think hallways, living rooms, and home offices.



Now that you know the best ways to store seasonal clothes, contact us at Closet Barcode to begin shopping for spring clothing and accessories.



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