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Clever Ways to Match Your Nail Polish with a Handbag this Spring

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with adding little pops of color to your outfits. A splash of the perfect shade of nail polish that coordinates with your handbag is a wonderful accent. If you're wondering how to match your nail polish with your handbag, here are a few ideas to use as inspiration: 

Navy blue polish adds a sophisticated appeal to your look. Pair it with a white handbag with navy blue accents for an outfit that is refreshing and spring-like, but not overly bright. Choose a shade of navy blue with a hint of sparkle to ensure your nails have a feminine appeal.

Nude white nails are a versatile choice. They can lighten up a darker handbag, making it more suitable for spring, or they can be coordinated with a lighter-colored pastel yellow, pink or blue handbag for a fresh, youthful appearance.

Light pink nails are a great choice if you don't like to call a lot of attention to your nails. The pink adds just a hint of shimmer and can accentuate pink accents in a colorful spring bag. Pink nails look especially lovely with a turquoise or pale blue bag this season.

Coral nails are perfect when you want a somewhat darker color of polish, but still want to look springy. They look lovely with a denim bag and can even make a black or brown bag look more refreshing. Coral nails with lighter pink or white accents are great with beige or white bags.

Now that you know how to match your nail polish with your handbag, it's time to get shopping. Visit Closet Barcode to discover vibrant new handbags with spring color schemes, and then explore your local beauty store for nail polish to match.

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