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5 Important Reasons to Buy from Independent Desigers

Before you decide which purse looks best with your dress or which color skirt matches your new hair color, you have an even more important decision to make regarding your clothing. Should you buy clothes from an independent designer or from a big, mainstream brand?

In most cases, supporting independent designers is a far better choice than tossing your money to the big brands. And here's why:

Independent designers are transparent with their processes. When you buy a shirt made by a big brand in China, you'll never know if the workers were treated fairly or organic farming practices were used to make the cotton, but independent designers offer this information to customers readily.

Independent designers are the innovators of the fashion world. You'll get unique, new styles before your friends who shop the big brands. You won't have to worry about three of your coworkers turning up in the same outfit.

You'll be supporting businesses that create jobs in your own country. The big clothing companies tend to create many low-paying jobs overseas. Independent designers, on the other hand, create jobs in your own country, which stimulates the local and national economy.

Your input and preferences are welcomed by independent designers. Are you looking for a specific style the designer does not yet offer? Let them know, and if others are also looking for it, you might see it among their collections in the near future. Small designers can cater to their buyers' preferences.

Buying from independent designers is an educational experience. Many are happy to tell you about the ways they come up with new designs, how they find sustainable fabric, and more.

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