How to Choose the Perfect Handbag for Your Body Type

When buying pants, a dress or a top, you probably put a lot of thought into choosing the pieces that flatter your body type. What about your handbag? Certain handbag shapes and styles are more or less flattering on certain figures. Follow this simple guide for choosing the right handbag for your body type, and you'll always look balanced and pulled-together.

Slender Women

When you're trying to accentuate your slender figure, reach for a tall, slender handbag. However, when you want to look a little more filled out, choose a fuller bag, such as a slouchy or hobo bag.

Curvier Women

If you have curves that you'd like to make look envious, choosing a slender bag is preferable. As a simple guideline, remember that the rounder your figure, the more slender your bag should be. Boxy, rectangular bags tend to look better with curvy figures than slouchy designs.

Shorter Women

Shorter women should choose smaller bags, since large bags will simply emphasize their small stature. Also pay attention to where the bag hangs. Those that drape over the shoulder and hang below the waist are a no-no for shorter women. Opt instead for a clutch or a handbag.

Taller Women

Tall women who want to downplay their height should pay special attention to choosing a bags that are proportional to their bodies. You can get away with a large tote or a cross-body bag, and in fact it may make you look shorter.

If you're medium in stature, you can play around when choosing the right handbag for your body type. Use smaller styles to make yourself look fuller, and larger, less structured bags when you want to look petite.

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