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What are the Main Differences Between Ramie and Cotton Fabrics?

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Cotton is a very well-known fabric that's generally soft and can be dyed most any color. It is made from natural vegetable fibers obtained from the cotton plant, which is grown widely around the world. There's another natural fabric that should be on your radar, too: ramie. Read on to discover the difference between ramie and cotton, and learn a little more about each of these materials.

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Cotton is known for being both strong and soft. It has a long lifespan, though cotton fibers do tend to shrink when exposed to hot water. Cotton can be woven thinly or thickly to make a wide array of clothing and accessories. It can be used alone or blended with other tougher fibers.

Cotton is grown all over the world, including in Egypt, China, and the southern United States. It is considered an ecologically sound product, and many growers have begun to use organic growing practices, making cotton an even more sustainable fabric choice.

The primary difference between ramie and cotton is their textures. While cotton is generally soft, ramie is quite coarse. It can be blended with cotton to make it more suitable for use in apparel, though you may find some handbags and other accessories made primarily from ramie.

Ramie, like cotton, comes from a natural plant and is therefore a biodegradable material. Unlike cotton, ramie is not grown in the United States. It requires a very hot, humid climate to thrive. Most ramie items sold in the U.S. are made from fibers grown in China, Brazil, or the Philippines.

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Sharon mcclure
Sharon mcclure

July 18, 2017

Can you put ramie clothing items in the dryer

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