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Become the Life of the Party with One of Our Whimsical Clutches

Why blend in when you can be the the life of the party by adopting your own unique style? Sometimes all it takes to create a stunning, attention-grabbing look is one little accessory. Closet Barcode offers the latest in whimsical clutch fashion. With one of these trendy, unique clutches in hand, you're sure to turn heads.

Making Headlines Newspaper Print Clutch
The ultimate in black and white accessories, this newspaper clutch is patterned with an authentic newspaper design. If you're the kind of girl who has an eye for news, this clutch will ensure everyone knows about it. The inside of the clutch is a soft black material, and the top closes with a jeweled snap. The attached chain makes it easy to sling the bag over your shoulder when you're rushing around.

Pair the Making Headlines Newspaper Print Clutch with your favorite black and white outfit for a balanced ensemble. It's perfect for a dinner with friends or a night out at the club, yet not too adventurous to take to the office when you feel like making headlines.

Domino Clutch
Another neutrally colored choice that will match most any color outfit, the Domino Clutch has an artistic, boxy shape and is decorated like a real domino. That's right -- the black exterior features white dots in a domino pattern. The chain is removable, so you can carry the clutch or sling it over your shoulder.

The Domino Clutch is a perfect casual-day bag. Just large enough for the essentials, it's easy to tote along to a friend's house or casual lunch without weighing you down. Its neutral color makes it fit for any season.

Explore the whimsical clutch fashion in our handbag collection. Contact us at Closet Barcode and let us help choose the best handbag for you.

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