Best Ways to Wear Vibrant Colors in Winter

Wearing color in winter was once a faux pas. Everyone reached for neutral shades, as if the chilly weather outside meant their outfits had to be just as melancholy. Luckily, color is making a comeback. No longer must you reserve brighter shades for the warmer seasons.

Here is a look at four great ways to work some color into your wardrobe this winter:

Wear a brightly colored coat
Since you generally wear a winter coat with many different outfits, having a brightly colored one lets you toss a splash of color on for many occasions. Choose bright blue or red, since these colors pair well with a variety to winter hues. You can even wear neutral beige pants and a black top, knowing that your coat will add the excitement your outfit needs.

Collect colorful tops
Simple, colorful tops are a lovely addition to your winter wardrobe. Solid red, blue or grass green tops pair well with most any color bottoms, from denim jeans to black dress pants. Dress your simple top up with a string of pearls or down with jeans and tall boots.

Have a go-to patterned sweater
Knit sweaters are very fashionable in the winter, and they keep you warm too. Look for a colorful, patterned cardigan that you can slip on over almost anything. Keep it handy as you bounce from work to home.

Wear brightly colored shoes
The ground is gray and drab in the winter. Even when it's covered in snow, the color white can look very monotonous. Give it a colorful splash by wearing solid-colored heels or platforms. Paired with a matching piece of jewelry, colorful shoes add pizzazz to a neutral outfit.

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