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How to Choose the Perfect Handbag for Winter

Winter is officially here. The temperatures are dropping and wardrobes are changing, favoring coats and hats over sleek dresses and strapped shoes. Handbag trends are also changing. Follow these tips for choosing a handbag for winter:

Shoulder bags. These are a lovely choice for winter, since they have plenty of pockets for storing all of the extra necessities like lip balm and tissues at this time of year. They're also easy to wear over a coat, and because of their long straps, you don't have to worry about the bulk of the coat affecting the fit of the bag too much.

Totes. These are great for casual occasions in the winter. When you're headed to the grocery store or an outdoor sporting event, a tote bag lets you carry everything you need while still looking fashionable. Elements to look for in winter totes include:

  • A dark winter color such as red, brown, or navy blue pairs well with most outfits this season.
  • Hardware is in this season. Buckles and round metal embellishments look especially trendy.
  • Handles should be long enough that you can put the tote over your shoulder.

Cross-Body Bags. Another spacious choice for the winter, this style, which is also known as the messenger bag, keeps your hands free so you can easily do things like take off your gloves, brush off your car or take care of your baby. This winter, look for messenger bags with clasp closures. Colors like deep plum and burgundy are quite popular.

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