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How You can Choose a Stylish Winter Outfit

In the chilly winter months, choosing outfits that both look stylish and keep you warm is not always easy. When choosing an outfit for winter, it helps to follow these tips:

  • Have a stylish go-to jacket. Try on plenty of different styles until you find one that looks flattering on you. Make sure it's a neutral color like black or navy blue, so that it matches a wide array of outfits. Steer clear of beige coats since they tend to attract stains from snow and salt.
  • Build your collection of scarves. A scarf serves two purposes -- it accessorizes your outfit by adding a pop of color, and it also keeps you warm. You can't have too many scarves. You can wear the same plain black skirt and gray sweater with different colored scarves all winter, creating a host of new outfits with little effort.
  • Think "layers." Wear camisoles under knit sweaters, allowing you to experiment with different color combinations throughout the season. Layers create a comfortable, trendy look while making it easy to cool off if your clothing becomes too much for a warm place.
  • Choose pants and skirts that look great with boots. Boots are the go-to footwear solution in the winter. Not every style of pants looks good with them, however. Make sure you have plenty of skinny jeans in your closet for casual occasions, and build your collection of tights and knee-length skirts, too.

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