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Find Wardrobe Ideas in the Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Report

Looking forward to spring by planning your spring wardrobe can make the long months of winter more enjoyable. Check out the Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Report for ideas you can incorporate into your own look this year:

Color Trends for Spring 2015

Spring is always associated with soft, light colors, and this year is no exception. Pantone's report emphasizes combining neutral, earth-toned shades with light pastels like soft blue and pink. This year's color choices tend to be quite minimalist, emphasizing nature and simplicity over bold creativity. Any cool hue, including light aqua, coral, violet, and gray, is welcome.

Eclectic Collections

Spring's styles tend to be relaxed and eclectic, drawing from numerous traditional sources such as retro designs and folk art. Touches of floral patterns can also be seen in many trendy tops and loose, flowing skirts. Just as this spring brings soft colors, it brings soft and wispy designs. Think looser fits rather than form-fitting designs. Flouncy, almost Bohemian skirts and maxi dresses, deserve a place in your spring wardrobe.

Accessories for Spring

Pair your natural colors with accessories made from natural materials. Canvas bags are a lovely match for casual outfits. Shoes made from natural wood, leather and canvas are also bound to be popular, as is jewelry made from natural hemp fibers. Think "earthy" when it comes to both color and construction.

If there's one thing that the Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Report makes clear, it's that bold colors and cuts are taking a backseat to more subtle shades and styles this year.

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