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Choosing the Best Handbag Size for You

When many ladies are choosing a handbag, they think about the occasion and what they need to fit into the bag. One thing they often forget to consider when choosing a handbag size is which size is best suited to their figure. The right bag can flatter your figure, while the wrong bag can give you an unbalanced or out-of proportion look.



Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a handbag size to make your body look its best:



It's All About Proportions
For the most flattering look, your bag needs to be in proportion with your figure. If you're 6 feet tall, for example, you'll look even taller with a small bag, whereas a larger bag will make your look proportional. If you're on the shorter side, avoid large handbags, since they'll only make your look and feel smaller.

Consider Bag Placement
Remember that the part of your body where the bag rests will be accentuated. If you have large hips and want to minimize them, choose a bag that hits you mid-torso, so the attention is taken away from your hips. If you have a trim figure and want to look curvier, on the other hand, an over-the-shoulder bag that sits at the hip is a good choice.

A Few Final Tips
When putting together outfits, make sure you try your handbag on with the outfit to ensure it looks flattering. Don't overlook your lifestyle; if you absolutely need space to carry items around, choose a bigger bag, but don't forget to try it on.

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Image 1 Source: Wikimedia Commons; Image 2 Source: Closet Barcode

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