How to Choose the Best Handbag for Your Outfit

The right bag can make your entire outfit look pulled together and well-planned. You can even transform a whole look just by picking a different bag. Convey a more casual style with a slouchy bag, or wear a bag with clean edges for a more sophisticated look. When choosing the best handbag for your outfit, try following these steps:

  • Think about the occasion and what size bag it calls for. If you're going to an informal gathering or out to spend a day shopping, a big, casual bag is the answer. For more formal gatherings, smaller bags and clutches are appropriate.
  • Put your entire outfit on before deciding which color to choose. Your gut reaction may be to choose the color that's predominant in your outfit, but think a little harder. Is there a subdued color that's barely noticeable in your outfit? Wearing a handbag in that color will help make that color more noticeable.
  • Consider the material of your bag. If it's evening, you'll want a metallic or crystal-covered bag with a touch of glamour. In the summer, thin fabric bags are ideal, and in the winter, heavier leather bags are in style.
  • Choose the right bag shape. A hobo or slouchy bag conveys a very casual, relaxed look, while a boxy bag is better suited for business attire or a formal event.
  • Remember that handbags are investments. You don't have to pay top dollar; but by purchasing a well-made bag, you won't have to replace it in a year.

The final key to choosing the best handbag for your outfit is to have plenty of bags in your collection so you don't have to look very far for the perfect style.

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