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Learn What Colors Match Your Skin Tone

Have you ever put on a top and looked in the mirror only to find that you look worn out and tired, then tried on another shirt and instantly look vibrant and lively? It's highly likely that the first shirt clashed with your skin tone, while the second one matched it. Picking clothes in colors that match your skin tone will ensure you look your best every day.

Colors for Cool-Toned Skin

If your skin has pink or blue undertones and you tend to burn rather than tan in the sun, you have what is called a "cool complexion." People in this category tend to look best in the following colors:

  • Bright, grass greens to pale aqua greens, with very little yellow tone in the green shades.
  • Blues with a touch of cornflower quality.
  • Magenta-like purples to darker, blue-ish purples.

Colors for Warm-Toned Skin

Skin that has peach or yellow undertones is often called "warm" skin. If you fall into this category, you'll look best wearing these colors:

  • Reds with a touch of rustiness
  • Yellow with a hint of green
  • Olive-like green shades, from super-dark to almost white.
  • Lime green

Colors for Neutral-Toned Skin

If you can detect both warm (peach or yellow) and cool (blue or pink) undertones in your skin, you probably have neutral skin. This means you'll look stunning in colors intended for cool skin and those intended for warm skin. However, every person with neutral skin is different. Some tend more towards the cool side, while others tend more towards the warm side. Experiment with different colors to find those you look best in.

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