How to Choose the Perfect Handbag

Choosing the perfect handbag
takes time and patience. Not only must you find a bag that suits your personal style; it also must provide the necessary function of carrying your items well. Follow these guidelines to choose the handbag that's perfect for you.

Think About Size First

To determine what size handbag you should carry, you need to consider two factors: what needs to fit inside, and what size complements your body type. Most fashion experts agree that if you're small and petite, you look best with small handbags. However, if you're attending an event where you'll need to carry a lot of items along with you, it's okay to go larger. If you are tall and thin, always opt for a big bag.

Pick the Right Shape

Consider your own body shape when choosing a handbag. If you are slim and tall, choosing a round, simple bag is a great way to enhance your natural appearance. On the other hand, if you have a little more to your frame, you may want a rectangular bag. The sharp corners give you more definition.

Choose a Complementary Color

Think about the outfit or outfits that your handbag will be worn with. Choosing a handbag that's the same color as your shoes is traditional, but it's not the only option. Your handbag can be used to highlight a color that might otherwise not be noticed in your outfit. Perhaps your top has a touch of olive green in the pattern. Wearing an olive green handbag will draw more attention to that hidden, subdued color.

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