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Finding Out Which Colors Look Best on You

It is easy to become intimidated by the vast spectrum of colors that are available while shopping for clothes and accessories. Because of this, there is a tendency among many people to stay with the old tried and true colors they already have in their wardrobe that look good on them.

However, it is also good to spice up that existing wardrobe with a splash of color from new pieces or accessories. First, you should learn how to know which colors look best on you.

How to Know Which Colors Look Best on You

A good place to begin is by starting with your existing wardrobe and picking out your favorite pieces. Think about what makes each particular item special to you…do you receive compliments when wearing the item? The reason why may be because the color suits you and this provides a starting point for adding variations of that particular color to your wardrobe. For example, if red is your color, do not be afraid to add shades of burgundy or scarlet to your wardrobe.

If you are hesitant to try out new colors, a good strategy is to find a shirt that comes in a variety of colors. Try on every color and compare which ones compliment your eyes, hair and skin tone. You may want to bring a friend with you for their input on your color experimentation. The end result of this experiment may be that you will discover that you look good in colors you may have never imagined.

Don't be afraid of color! For some people, it is easier to start small by first adding a few colorful accessories before making a bolder statement with complete outfits.

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