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Celebrity Fall Fashion Trends that are Sure to Inspire

Fall is traditionally a high season for fashion—it’s when new patterns, textures, and colors come out for the first time all year.  Often, celebrity fall fashion trends lean towards classic styles, calling up the simple, elegant style of Audrey Hepburn, Francoise Hardy, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Princess Grace, and Sofia Lauren. 

These iconic ladies wore camel coats, slim leather boots, wide-legged trousers, dark glasses, white button-down trench coats, and cashmere scarves in fall—and set the bar for generations of celebrity fall fashion.

  • This year, these classic elements are back full force, with ballet flats and leather mid-calf boots paired with thin and complementary layers. Gwyenth Paltrow, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Moss are leaders in minimalist flair. 
  • Another high style for fall fashion is the double breasted blazer, which has appeared in British fashion for the last two hundred-odd years.
  • Plaid and bourbon scarves and short skirts offer a playful style, particularly when paired with braids or a tasteful bun.

Another perennial fashion item in fall is the fine leather handbag and kid gloves. Central to minimalist style is attention to detail, matching the scarf color with the plaid of the skirt, and finding the right balance of form and function—pocketbooks and handbags should complement the ensemble, without weighing it down. 

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Image Source: PopSugar

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