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What are the Benefits of Buying Made in America Clothing?

The idea of “buying American” is more than just a mindless chant. In doing so, you gain some real advantages for yourself, your community, and the world in general. Here are a few of the benefits of buying made in America clothing:

Provides Jobs – Manufacturing used to be the “bread and butter” of the American middle class. The service industry serves that purpose these days. However, manufacturing still provides over 10 percent of the GDP in the U.S.

Delivers a Quality Product – American technology and materials are among the best in the world. The products manufactured here are always of the finest quality. Trust American producers to deliver a superior product at an affordable price.

Safeguards Workers - The U.S. has some of the strictest labor laws in the world. The minimum allowable wage and safe conditions are just some of the benefits of buying American made clothing.

Maintains the Environment – Similarly, the U.S. government enforces some very stringent environmental laws. Toxic chemicals and waste products must be disposed of safely, which helps keep the world a little cleaner for everyone.

Balances the Trade Debt – Buying from American manufacturers helps to keep them competitive in the world market. They can then sell their products overseas and help to keep our trade balance in check.

Keeps America Independent – Every country must protect its infrastructure. Buying American goods keeps our manufacturing capability robust and diverse; we do not have to rely on other countries for the products we need.

For more information on the benefits of buying made in America clothing or our collections, we invite you to contact us at Closet Barcode.

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