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Wonderful Color Trends for Your Fall Wardrobe

Typically, fall fashion encompasses the organic tones of fallen leaves that the season bring to mind. Not so this year: fall color trends step out of the box with some striking hues that cannot fail to make an impact. Check out our list of favorites:

  • Ketchup red. The purest of reds, ketchup is the color of power. For a bold look, allow ketchup to dominate your entire outfit. Otherwise, use the color in accessories for an element of surprise.
  • Royal blue. A classic favorite, royal blue is big this fall for its ability to stand out from a crowd dominated by understated tones without being too extravagant.
  • Bronze. Surpassing gold this season, bronze is the metal to be wearing. Unlike other metallics, this shade manages to sparkle but lacks a shine that can be uncomfortably blinding.
  • Moss green. Fall color trends must include a shade of green, but this year fashions are toned down to a paler moss. Fresh and calming, moss works for virtually all types of clothing and accessories.
  • Cotton candy pink. Last fall, we saw pale pink taking over fashion trends. This year its a bright cotton candy that should be filling your wardrobe. While remaining feminine, this tone packs quite a punch.
  • Traffic-stopping yellow. This bright color certainly will not go unnoticed, although it also works well combined with other tones for less shocking appeal.
  • Dark teal. Somewhere in between green and blue, this deep neutral is suitable for practically any occasion.
  • Purple-tinged gray. Give traditional grays a modern look by choosing basics tinged with just the slightest purple.

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