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Check out the Handbag Trends for Fall 2014

Choosing a handbag is an important decision — it brings together your whole outfit and can make or break your look. To help you make the tough decision about what handbags would be best for you, here are the handbag trends for fall 2014:

  • Clutches. This classic style will remain strong during fall 2014. Ideal for a formal night out, these handbags are chic and inconspicuous.
  • Folded bags. Almost a toned down version of a clutch, folded and envelope bags will be popular this season for their simple appeal and comfort.
  • Ridicule-style handbags. Much like clutches, handbags in ridicule style feature a small chain for added comfort and a variation on the quintessential look.
  • Box-shaped bags. This relatively new fashion trend manifests itself into a range of designs, and many of them highly unique and innovative. Choose one for practicality or to enhance your personal style.
  • Haversacks. Finally making a comeback after almost two decades, haversacks are stylish, comfortable, and useful all in one. Plus, they come in a variety of styles to suit a variety of situations.
  • Textile handbags. Designers love textile for the freedom it gives them when creating products. You can appreciate the versatility of this material through the wide range of pieces it yields.
  • Briefcase bags. To complete your look as a professional, you cannot go wrong with a handbag in briefcase form. Business-like and practical, these are the perfect choice for everyday office life.
  • Small handbags. Big handbags are falling ever more out of fashion while small and medium bags are taking their place across all styles.
  • Shorter belts. Handbag belts continue becoming shorter for a distinct look that makes the bags of this fall stand out from those of past seasons.



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