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Welcome to Closet Barcode


We are so excited that you stopped by and are taking a look around. We hope that you like what you see. We want to use this blog post as an introduction to ourselves and what you have to look forward to when shopping on our site.


Closet Barcode focuses on offering clothing and handbags from very small designers. How does that benefit you? By focusing on small designers our inventory per item is in limited quantities. This means that when you purchase from us your clothing or handbag is a reflection of your individualism. We are sure that you will never have those awkward moments when you see someone wearing the same top or carrying the same handbag when you purchase a product from us.


Working with small designers and small labels we are better in assessing quality of the pieces you buy. When we only buy one, six or eight pieces of an item we have the ability to review the piece and make sure it is worth buying. We use the philosophy of: “If we wouldn’t buy it in a store we are not going to sell it to you.” Compare that to bigger stores that order tens of thousands of pieces and store them in a large distribution center. They never look at their inventory and just pass it along to a buyer or store with little concern for the consumer.


We also want our website to stand out from the crowd. We are getting tired with the constant nagging of having to sign up for a newsletter, or worse having to like a Facebook page in order to receive a discount. Our site is clutter free. You won’t see any pop-ups on our site or advertisements. We want this site to be solely about you and the product we have to offer. This doesn’t mean we don’t want you to join our email list (there is a spot at the bottom of the webpage) but we believe that choice is yours. We also will not make it a requirement to like our Facebook page in order to receive a sale.


Shopping for clothing can be a challenge sometimes. One of the biggest barriers is how the item fits. To try to alleviate this worry we don’t have a general sizing chart. Each piece we buy is hand measured and the exact measurements are included in each listing. We have seen sizing charts by other retailers that give a three inch range for a measurement. Trust us, three inches is a big difference if you on either side of that measurement.


So again, thanks for stopping by. We hope you continue to come. We will be adding new inventory each month. Also, be sure to visit our blog as we will have very interesting reads about fashion, style, and other topics.

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