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Flower Power: 4 Awesome Ways to Rock Floral This Summer!

Floral prints are a springtime given; but just because the seasons have changed doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance to try on this trend! One of the best things about this unknowingly versatile pattern is that it can be worn so many different ways, making it easy to transition from season to season. Below are four stylish ways to incorporate floral prints into your summer outfits!


Soft and Subtle

Florals are a classic print that can add the perfect touch of femininity to any outfit. When made up of light, warm colors or simple designs, floral prints can soften up an ensemble and really show off your girlish charm. Keep your outfit clean and chic by pairing a soft floral print with other neutral pieces, like white jeans or a solid, silk blouse. Have a little more fun and add a pop of color to an understated floral piece by matching it with brightly colored shoes or pants.

Our Spring Rose Patterned Sleeveless Top goes perfectly with white shorts and wedges for a casual, dainty look. For something more sleek and bold, swap the shorts for white jeans and the wedges for vibrant yellow pumps!


Trendy Textures

One simple way to spruce up an outfit is to incorporate textured pieces into it. Floral prints can be texturized as lace or crochet cutouts and can add a delicate, yet fun touch to any ensemble.

Not only does our Coral and Mint Lace Cap Sleeve Shirt feature flirty, floral lace cap sleeves and an embroidered floral-patterned bottom, but it also sports the classic, vivid hues of summer: breezy blue and crisp coral. Style this fun and dynamic top with denim shorts or cropped ankle jeans and a pair of strappy sandals.


Delicate Details

As eye-catching as a floral print can be, it doesn’t always have to be the center of attention. Sometimes less really is more and small accents of floral patterns add just enough style and pop to an outfit.

The main statement feature of our Flower Field Black and Coral Short Sleeve Top is its bold blocks of color. This top’s heavy contrast of colors is perfectly balanced out and softened up with the subtle floral details that cover the shoulders, letting you show off both your fierce, fun side and your soft, delicate side!


Bright and Bold

If you’re feeling in a rut with your selection of floral prints, shake things up a bit! Step away from the usual pastel colors that florals are best known for and try something much brighter and more intense.

Our Semi-Sheer Floral Tropical Tank Top mixes a variety of candy-colored hues with different patterns and textures to make this shirt a summer must-have! The blend of tropical floral prints and abstract, geographical patterns is eye-catching and bold without being too overpowering. The two semi-sheer panels on the front and back also make this top super lightweight and breezy—perfect for those hot summer days!

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