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Summer Style: Tips to Staying Chic While Combating the Heat

Now that it’s summer, the only thing on your mind is relaxing, enjoying time with friends and family, and having fun—just as it should be! It’s not easy to enjoy yourself, though, when you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. The sticky, hot weather can bring up several wardrobe concerns. Still, just because the temperature rises doesn’t mean style has to go out the window! These tips will help you fashionably fight the heat this summer!


Dress Light

Although this might go without saying, lightweight clothes are a necessity during the hot, humid summer season. Natural, light materials are ideal because they won’t stick to your body, overheat you or trap in unwanted heat and moisture.

For extra comfort, we also recommend staying away from clothes that are form fitting. Loose, breezy pieces allow for more natural air ventilation and keep you feeling cool and comfortable all day.

Our Crochet Darling Black and White Sleeveless Top hits the trifecta as it is perfectly lightweight, loose fitting and stylish! Pair it with white shorts and gladiator sandals for an everyday summer look!



Keep Your Face Fresh

Some summer days get so hot and humid that you may feel like you’re melting! To avoid looking like it too, try finding cosmetic products that will keep your makeup looking fresh all day. Using a good, lightweight primer as a base will help prevent your makeup from running or streaking in the warmer weather. For extra sun protection, choose a primer with a little added SPF!

Makeup-refreshing sprays or mists are another great option to keeping your face fresh during the summer. Whether you are looking for sun protection, oil control, hydration or just something to cool you off, these sprays work wonders during this scorching season. Choose a smaller, on-the-go sized spray to easily throw in your bag and freshen up no matter where you are!


Carry the Essentials

Along with your makeup-refreshing spray, there are a few other summertime supplies on our list that we think everyone should have in their bag this season: a pair of trendy sunglasses, lip balm loaded with SPF, travel-sized sunblock and a reliable hair clip for the days humidity tries to battle it out with your hair.

Carry everything you need and more in our Bow-Tastic Red Squares with Bow Detail Handbag. Perfectly roomy and colorful, this bag allows you to fit all your essentials, from cosmetics to magazines, while looking completely chic!

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