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Waterproof Wardrobe: Dressing for the Rainy Weather

It seems April’s showers are here to stay a little while longer. While there is a lot to consider when dressing for rainy weather, like what the best material is to wear and if it’s going to be hot or cold out, putting together a waterproof wardrobe actually isn’t as hard as it seems. We certainly don’t think anyone should have to sacrifice style to stay dry, so we’ve come up with some fashion tips to help you look chic through the storm.



Sometimes the weather just can’t make up its mind: one minute it’s raining, the next minute it’s not. What can be even worse are the changing temperatures that come with these spotty showers. On days like these, layering is key!

Prime rainy-day layering pieces can easily be thrown on when grey clouds start to roll in, and just as easily taken off and tucked away when the sun decides to peek out again. We suggest choosing a light cardigan, like our Freshwater Teal Open Cardigan, to match with dark, fitted pants and a simple, comfortable tee.


Sleek Shoes

Walking in the rain is hard enough as it is, and clunking around in traditional tall rain boots doesn’t make it any easier. Although these classic rubber shoes may keep your feet from getting wet, they are often stiff and bulky. Not to mention, they don’t breathe very well, which can leave you feeling hot and sticky.

Instead, try a cute ankle boot for more comfort and style. An added bonus is that the reduced bulk will make it easier to change into different shoes once you’ve reached your destination. However, these chic alternatives to traditional tall boots come in so many fashionable colors and styles that you may never want to take them off!


Functional Accessories

Rainy days call for many practical accessories: a compact umbrella, a lightweight scarf, a cardigan, and maybe even a change of flats. To make traveling in the rain easier, find a bag big enough to fit everything you will need.

Our Bow-Tastic Red Squares with Bow Detail Handbag is perfectly roomy and features two interior pockets as well. Its colorful, fun design is also just the thing to brighten up a dreary, rainy day.

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